Mirek Kuzniar (born August 12, 1968 in Boleslawiec, Lower Silesia) is a German painter who is assigned to the Modern Impressionism.
He lives since 1981 in Heilbronn, Germany. Mainly he paints with a palette knife and oil colors. Landscapes, city scenes and people belong to his favorite motives. Because of the luminous color, his works appear to be very colorful and lively and reflect a magnificent freshness of everyday life that is attractive to all ages.

Mirek paints very fast. On average, it takes about 2 hours for a painting. All his works of art are made in just one day, the size of the canvas does not matter. This technique which he uses in his painting, does not work the next day. He also makes no corrections. A rough sketch is all he needs to start a new artwork. His paintings are characterized by a greatly reduced color palette which nevertheless appeals to the viewer as very lively. It's not important to him to represent everything correctly. But much more, a monotonous scene to transform into a colorful life with fast palette knife work. A cold gray landscape becomes flaming yellow and red at his work.

His art is not offensive or hurtful. You won't find a black color in his paintings.